Someday with you and other stories by Ines B. Yao

12:07 PM

The past weeks, though crazy busy, worked pretty great for me. For starters, I got three ARCs, and one of which is Someday With You and other stories by Ines B. Yao.

This may come as a surprise, but this short story compilation was my first Ines B. Yao read. She's got a number of published works already and I actually have some of them. I just haven't had the time to get to them. After reading this one though, I just can't wait to read her other works!

All three stories were ones of longing. Patrick is the ever-dependable, but pining friend of Andrea. He thought they had something but the girl up and left him and was MIA for five years. Toby is distraught because Angela is starting to  move on without him. Andrew is not sure if Penny would like him when she and Raffy looks so perfect together.

I'm not usually a fan of stories in a male perspective. I also find short stories lacking, in a sense that it fails to get readers attached to the characters. But this was not the case for this compilation. Ines B. Yao seemed to have mastered the art of tugging at reader's heartstrings.

I always find guys who can wait endearing, and here, we are not just given one, but two - Patrick and Andrew. Sure, a man who pursues someone he wants is attractive, but there's something sweet about a love that is quiet and patient. We see this, though under different circumstances, in Someday With You and Things I'll Never Say.

Toby from One Last Thing is the annoying one, maybe because of his rich-boy problems. He was definitely entitled and selfish, but his story deeply touched me. I don't want to go into details because it will give the story away, but read it!

 All three stories have an almost-melancholic feel to them. They are beautifully-written pieces about love and hope. If you want a quick read that will hurt you a bit, then this is perfect for you.

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