Review: Better At Weddings Than You by Mina V. Esguerra

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I had about four different things I had to work on when I got the email to proofread Better At Weddings Than You, but because I have ~priorities, I rearranged my things and sat in front of my computer to devour this. It happens every time Mina emails me for a project, and just so you know, #noregrets.

The premise of this story is just fantastic, don't you think? Two wedding planners, one wedding. Enemies to lovers for sure! But Daphne and Aaron, they weren't exactly antagonistic to each other. The chemistry was just there and I liked how they were just like, "Maybe we should explore each other?"

Authors have their ~things, their "forte", if we must call it that. And from what I've read of Mina's works, I'd say her thing is breaking the stereotype of a dalagang Filipina. Her heroines are empowered women, maybe sometimes confused (like Moira) and conflicted (like Iris) but they are far from the image of being hindi makabasag pinggan, which assumes that Filipinas should be demure and well-behaved. Filipinas can be anything, and I love how Mina shows how diverse we can be. She also writes non-sexist guys, those who look up at women who values their work and does excellently at their jobs. We need more of these guys in real life, especially now that there's a study that millenial men prefer stay-at-home wives​. Ugh. Not that being a SAHW is bad, but I just know that many​ women also put a lot of value in their careers.

(She's also good at making people hungry with all the food descriptions but I think that warrants another post)

Confident and knows what she likes, Daphne reminds me so much of Donna Paulsen of Suits. She's awesome at what she does and she knows it. She's a total girlboss and you'll want to be like her when you grow up. She was aware that some people hated her guts and of the pressure for her to find a suitable mate because she's in her 30s, but f*cks given is zero. Me saying I love her is an understatement.

Aaron is the dream guy of every driven woman. He accepts even when the lady does a much better job than him and he' doesn't get intimidated by her. He is inspired even, to do better. In Daphne's own words, Aaron is just good at everything. Including back rubs, goodness gracious. His work ethic was also impressive and I remember commenting this on the manuscript:

I loved the alternating points of view. It made me see Aaron's hesitation and his internal struggles despite the charming façade he was showing Daphne. Their banter was also highly entertaining and I was smirking and laughing at their exchanges.

This book was made with so much heat, you 'd want to get out of the kitchen! It wasn't even as detailed as some that I've read before, but the scenes were crafted so well. Note: there was a genius bathtub involved.

The climax... of the story, was also, how do I say this? It's not exactly moving, but it stirred something in me. That emotional breakdown made me want to give a hug. The resolution was also kind of unexpected, in a good way.

I usually like those slow-burn, belligerent sexual tension kind of romances. Or friends to lovers and enemies to lovers with backstories. But this, though it may seem like a whirlwind romance, was written just so damn well, this may just be my new Mina V. Esguerra favorite.

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