Review: Love At First Run by Angel C. Aquino

2:19 PM


After getting her heart broken, 23-year-old Diana Gomez is afraid to fall in love again. But when her office crush Paul invites her to join a running club with him, she goes for it.

What she doesn’t know is that to be a part of the club, she actually has to train for a half marathon—and that she’ll meet Joshua, the handsome club veteran who becomes her unofficial running buddy.

As if it isn’t hard enough to do speed work, interval training, and long runs after work and on weekends, she has to deal with her feelings for both boys and face her fears of falling in love.

Will she reach the finish line without getting herself (or her heart) injured? Journey with Diana as she reaches running milestones, overcomes obstacles, pushes herself to the limit, and discovers the strength within her… one kilometer at a time.

​​I rarely sign-up to review books by authors I haven't read yet, but I was glad I did for Love at First Run. 

Love at First Run is a ​sweet and inspiring ​story of love, not just for others, but more importantly, for oneself. I hate running, bu​​t this story was well-paced (haha) that it kept me interested the whole time.​ I loved that the characters in the story all showed how we should never give up on ourselves. It​ also​ feature​d​ some facts about running that would encourage people to try the sport. 

Diana, despite of her insecurities, was easy for me to like. She was clumsy, she always falls down, but I liked how she persisted and managed to stand up, every single time. I liked how her life mirrored a lot of working people's lives - wake up, go to work, go home, sleep, repeat - until she broke this routine and joined the running club. Sure, she joined for the wrong reason, but she was able to find her place and I was able to connect to that. Angel C. Aquino did such a ​good character development on her, I must say.

Joshua, on the other hand, is charming. I liked how he befriended Diana first but I didn't like that he called her "kid." Personally, that would automatically make a guy "kuya-zoned." I really liked his thoughtfulness and his knowledge of good places to eat though. A guy who can take charge and not say ikaw bahala or kung anong gusto mo ​when going out ​is a yes for me.

​Angel C. Aquino is a talented writer and I liked how she used her own experiences​ (she is a runner and was the former Managing Editor of Runner's World Magazine) to write a story about love and running, with such an authentic feel to it. Love at First Run is ​her first book and I'​d surely be keeping my eyes on her next ones!

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