April Feels Day 2017

8:28 AM

My first #romanceclass event was AFD 2016 and that was epic! This year, we had a bigger venue at Urban Turf, UP Town Center, but heat was still there, IYKWIM. We were treated to fun games and kilig- and squeal-inducing live readings. I still don't have enough words to describe my feelings, so just look at these photos that I took:

I feel like a tita to these babies <3

New releases

Feelings for sale

Mina - excited and kilig because she knows what's hitting us

Sabi ko dati di ako naniniwala sa love at first sight, CHAR

Daphne and Aaron!!! <3

They can feel the heat 

Mina looking successful hahaha

Jay E Tria, fitspiration 

Nung kaya pa ni Tara hahaha

Medyo di na kaya ni Tara

She needed support to carry on with life hahaha


Anton and Julie <3

First time reading of an M/M book, Another Word For Happy by Agay Llanera

First time reading of an F/F book, Don't Tell My Mother by Brij bautista

Team Baedrian

Mina looks so young! How to be you po?

Willing Victims

Because "there is no ready, only willing"

Janus - who is as pretty as her works of art

Ana Tejano belting Basang-basa sa ulan. CHAR

Love how Layla looks so kilig 

"Yung book ko..."

"..heat level 4 daw"


"panagutan mo to." hahaha

Ysa Arcangel

My photos wouldn't do justice to how fun and emotionally-draining (in a good way!) April Feels Day was. If you've missed it this year, there's another event on October and another AFD for sure next year. Until then, read and read and read,and ready your hearts (and your wallets) coz #romanceclass authors won't stop writing for us any time soon. 

With love, 

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