#Frigs : romanceclass M/M OTP

3:50 PM

I've seen Fred and Migs a couple of times now and I don't really take for photos with them. But yesterday was a different story. "Pics or it didn't happen," as what my friends always say. So here's my receipt that yesterday happened. It wasn't a dream, folks. 

I've tweeted some photos I took last night, but you demanding people were asking for MOAR! Due to insistent public demand (haha), here are 60 more photos from the #Frigs photo shoot. I've tried shooting from different angles (using both digital and phone cameras) and below are the ones I really liked. Enjoy the feels!

And because Mina and Ben are all of us, here are their photos with Fred and Migs. Haha.

I want to put a caption on each photo, but I have no words for my feelings. Most of them are just exclamations like Uy! Hala! Ay wow! et. al. I hope you guys enjoyed looking at them as much as I did though. Hihi. <3

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