Backlist Revival Project: Old Enemies Make the Best Lovers: Review + Interview

10:30 PM

I joined the Backlist Revival Project, where we aim to put the spotlight on Filipino-authored books released before 2015. Today, we're featuring Kate Sebastian’s Old Enemies Make the Best Lovers.


Christy Martinez may have been a nerd and the number one victim for the mean girls in her high school, but she’s since grown up, gone to college, and carved out a successful career for herself. Now in her late 20s, she’s put high school behind her, only to be blindsided by a blast from her past.

She and her friends have planned a much-needed vacation, but she finds out at the last minute that they’ll be joined by uber rich and gorgeous Kyle Quinto. He just happens to be the guy who played a cruel trick on her in high school, breaking her heart and making her a target for bullying in the process.

Can Christy forgive and forget? Because Kyle is a whole lot of hot.

So how do I love this? Let me count the ways:
  1. Belligerent Sexual Tension - that cat-dog banter is just my kind of trope. Sure, it may not work for me in real life, but it is  fun to read. Sure, the story is simple, but sometimes all we want in our romance is simple, right?
  2. Christy and Kyle are two likable characters. I liked them so much that I want more of their story! This was written for #buqosteamyreads and just by the cover, we can say that this one is hot. But what the cover didn't really portray is how this isn't just a steamy read, but also a story about overcoming weaknesses. It does not show how cool the characters are. It is kind of refreshing to read about a character liking someone because of her kind heart and not just being attracted to how pretty or sexy she was.

About the Author

 Kate Sebastian has been crafting stories since she was tiny. She spent her childhood reimagining classic fairy tales and inventing new ones, then having her dolls and stuffed toys reenact them in elaborate sets she built by rearranging the furniture in her house.

She earns a good living as a writer, editor, and online content admin but decided to try her hand at
writing romance since she reads so much of it.

For more updates, visit Kate's website, like Kate’s Facebook page and follow her on Twitter @ImKateSebastian.

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